How to Keep Your New Carpet Clean

So, you’ve had your beautiful new carpet installed. It looks great! You’ve stood in the doorway just admiring how much better it looks than before. You’ve taken ‘after’ pictures and posted them on your social media feed. And you’ve called or texted your roommate/partner/spouse/significant other and told them the installers just left and it looks SO GOOD! Now…how do you keep it looking great? Here are Mr Carpet’s top 4 Carpet Upkeep Tips:

1. Prevent soil and dirt from entering your house in the first place.

- Keep your home entrances and walkways cleaned of excess dirt. Use mats or throw rugs at entrances to your home to keep dirt and moisture from being tracked in. Clean these mats frequently. You might even choose to have a ‘Shoe-Free Home’ by removing your shoes every time you walk in the door…and requesting that your guests do the same.

2. Vacuum…a lot!

The more dirt and dust you can remove from your carpet on a regular basis, the longer that ‘new carpet look’ will last. For most carpets, we recommend a vacuum cleaner with a rotating brush which can help loosen and remove soil particles. Shag and longer-yarn carpets should be cleaned with a suction-only vacuum.

3. Clean up spills and spots right away.

Someone spilled something…act fast! Remove any food or solids from the carpet using a spoon or spatula. Soak up moist spills by blotting with a cloth or paper towel. Rinse the area with clean water and continue blotting. Finally, layer towels with heavy weights or books over the area to help remove any remaining moisture.

4. Steam Clean your carpet every one to two years, depending on room traffic.

Hire a professional carpet cleaning company, to keep your Warranty from the Carpet Mill valid. If you use a carpet cleaning machine and do it yourself, the Warranty will be voided.

Follow these simple steps and you can extend the life of your carpet and keep it looking it great for years.

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